Public Relations 

What's Your Message?  Reaching your target audience is essential to sustaining your business.  With over 10 years' experience in public relations and communications, we have assisted nonprofit and for profit businesses, as well as municipal, county, and state government.  We can identify your audience and craft your message to increase awareness and encourage revenues.  Our services include:  

* press release creation and execution

* news conferences and grand openings

* media kits and bios

* talking points and speeches

* eBlasts and newsletters

* social media

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Small Business development

Every business needs a foundation to enhance their goals and maximize profits.  Whether you want to attract investors, secure funding from financial institution, or display an organized tool to guide operations, our business plans provide key details to maintain and sustain your company.  We jump start new businesses by creating the proper documents to exist, cultivate, and expand.  We provide:

* business plans

* executive summaries

* social media

* proofreading services

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Résumés and Cover Letters

As Certified Professional Résumé Writers, we provide exceptional résumé writing services for every profession.  Whether you are a college student in search of an internship or a college professor in need of an updated curriculum vitae, our prose is uniquely designed to not only make your skillset stand out from competition, but land you the appropriate position desired.  

We accommodate and encourage all career challenges, including but not limited to:

* employment gaps

* change of careers/industries

* a criminal past

* re-entering the workforce after significant time off

* limited work experience

* little or brief educational experience

*student résumé

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